7 May 2013

Is Nord LB, Hannover the world's strangest building?

The Norddeutsche Landesbank Headquarters in Hannover is marvellously bonkers in the same way that the Lloyds of London is. Similarly it both shrieks its difference and yet also manages to hide among its neighbours.

The outside facing the roads is fairly normal and it is only the staggered tower the juts up in the middle that suggests that it is anything unusual.

Venturing through an opening in to the centre the full magnificence of the building is thrust in to your face. There are sheets of metal and glass flowing in all directions, tubular walkways connect various parts of the building and it all sits in a shallow pool of water.

This picture is taken from the far left of the previous one and is looking back towards where that one was taken. There are shops and cafes on the right which front on to a main road. The chairs and strange pink seating belong to one of them,

Turning to the left revealed one of the other entrances to the complex building. Moving closer to the door I discovered that the tenant is the British Consulate, i.e. I am paying for some of our government officials to work in one of the world's strangest buildings. I am sure they can justify the cost of that.

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