15 May 2013

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks: 15 May 2013

It is something of a dark week this week, either that or it is my preference for the dark, Gothic and fantastic that has drawn me to these covers, starting with Batgirl. I love the unusual composition, the slightly colourful foreground against the monochrome background and the strong sense of menace instilled by the expressions and the blood.

The Nightwing cover (Nightwing is the grown-up Robin, just in case you did not know) has several similarities to Batgirl with the villain in the shadows and the threat to the hero. The difference is the light sparking of the energy weapons that give the image a second focal point, their target is the other.

Wonder Woman has gone for the opposite approach with the menace in colour and the heroine in black and white. I love this one for its simplicity of design and execution. The hands have no detail and their main function is to frame the central image and the page.

It has a touch of the basic style used in mid-twentieth century propaganda with the strong Russian (other patriotic countries are available) peasant woman fighting off the hordes of bourgeois capitalism (other vile enemies are available).

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