28 January 2011

Sex and Violence

This catching up with my uinread comics is working out really well.

The latest success was the three-part mini series, X-Force: Sex and Violence. X-Force is the X-Men's black operations group whose simple job is to kill the bad guys. Obviously Wolverine is in it.

The story fits firmly in to the X-Force canon and is written by regular scribes Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, and they deliver a great story. In addition to X-Force we have the Guild of Assassins and the elite ninjas The Hand. A blood-bath is the obvious result but it's a lot more that.

The story is nicely paced across the three issues with unexpected plot twists to keep the story fresh and interesting and also humour and romance (well, sex actually) to make the characters more human and believable.

The art work is stunning too.

As with X-Force, the art is dark to match the mood of the story.Gabriele Dell'Otto plays a large roll in the telling of the story with several double-page spreads that capture all of the protagonists in the battle scenes but, more that that, also the movement and the mood.

It's masterful.

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