8 January 2011

First trip to Kew Gardens in 2011

One of the reasons for getting an annual ticket to Kew Gardens is to see it as the seasons change it. Even in January there are things to see and enjoy and on this trip it was the trees.

So it was in to the gardens via Victoria Gate on Kew Road then West past the lake and on to the river.

From there I walked along the riverside path slowly through the trees.

Here it is the easiest to forget that you are in a large city. The busy (even on a Sunday morning) Kew Road is a long way away and the river is a large natural barrier to the noises and nuisances of London.

It's only the constant airplanes heading for Heathrow that dispel the illusion but even they cannot spoil things and it's wonderful place to stretch your legs with brisk long strides.

Some of the trees look as though they resent those that are not rooted to the ground like themselves and they try to link their branches to make a barrier but that merely adds to the experience.

I find myself going to Kew Gardens about once a month at the moment so the annual ticket is proving to be exceptional value. I would tell you how much it costs but the Kew Gardens web site is strangely silent on that point but, from recollection, it pays for itself after 3 visits and a single visit costs £13.90.


  1. Well that didn't take long - only 8 days into the year!

    Looks (and sounds) like it was lovely...

  2. Hi Matthew. Agree with you totally on the annual ticket and what good value it is. I also had my first visit of 2011 on Sat 8th. I noticed it is still £13.90 for a single visit but they are now also asking for gift aid donations of £1.50- bringing the total to £15.40.
    I bought my annual ticket last March assuming I'd use it 3 or 4 times but like you found myself going at least once a month. There is always something new to discover as it's ever changing as well as different areas etc to aim for, it's impossible to cover the whole park in a day.


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