15 January 2011

Catching up with the X-Men

My usual New Year's Resolution to catch-up with my unread pile of comics is off to a good start.

Part of this is to read at least two comics every day, normally last thing at night. As I buy about one a day that should get me through them before the year end - we'll see.

The first step was to claim the spare room to organise the backlog and they are now spread over the bed by title and in order. This means I can easily grab a few for the next reading session.

The X-Men seemed to be a large part of pile (I do keep up to date with some titles like Avengers, Batman and Fantastic Four) so that's where I started and early on I hit the Age of Apocalypse limited series from, er, 2005.

Having got over the shock of having unread comics that are six year old (and I bet they are not the oldest, either) I ploughed in with gusto.

The story is engaging, well paced, self-contained and still relevant after six years but what really got me was the art work by Chris Bachalo.

I'd seen Chris Bachalo's art work before, and mostly on the X-Men, but this is the first time that I had immersed myself in a story arc in one sitting and it was a treat to do so.

The two things I like most about his drawing style are the smooth curling lines and the packed panels. This produces very busy action scenes where the actors almost look like children due to the freshness of their features.

This is demonstrated admirably from the above picture of the cover to X-Men 188 published in 2006. It's a picture to savour and linger over, if nothing else just to find all the people in it.

If the rest of the reading pile is as good as this then 2011 is going to be a good year, provided I keep my resolution up. And, on that point, I'll go and read some X-Force.

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  1. Great planning, if somewhat ambitious. Still, I think it's a good idea to set a target that beyond one's grasp rather than one that's easily achieved. Good luck


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