23 January 2011

Little news at the Kingston Society AGM

January's meeting of the Kingston upon Thames Society is its AGM with elections, speech and social.

Not necessarily a great rallying cry but I went along anyway as I had nothing else on that evening and I like to keep in the routine of going to their meetings every months. Habits like that once dropped can be hard to pick up again.

The Chair's report had some interesting nuggets about the society's membership numbers and distribution. As previously there was a wish to see numbers (and participation) increase but little serious effort to achieve this. For example, the Committee renominated itself and was re-elected unopposed. Not the best way to attract new blood.

The Deputy Mayor, who chaired the meeting, said a few words about current planning topics in Kingston which included the specific case of the former bingo hall in Richmond Road that may become another nightclub and also the recurring theme of "garden grabbing".

A bit thin as meeting go but AGMs are a necessary pain in an organisations life, and I've been to worse. The talks resume next month and that's something to look forward to.

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