13 January 2011

Another lively BCSA social

Most of my regular meetings (LIKE, Kingston upon Thames Society, Big Ideas, etc.) have a social element but the monthly BCSA "Get to know you" Social is the only one that is just a social with no pretext of learning or collaboration needed to justify it.

The format is simple, we book a room at the Czechoslovak National House in West Hampstead (usually on the second Wednesday) and open the doors to anybody who wants to come. Normally this includes Richard and Ruzena who I first met when we were all working on a project for the Czech Savings Bank waaaay back in 1992 (I had to look that up).

Apart from the people, the other ingredients to the evening are food and drink.

In my case the food is always Smazeny Syr (fried cheese in breadcrumbs with chips and tartar sauce) but most people go for something with dumplings that, frankly, does not look that appetising to an English Vegetarian.

They seem to enjoy it.

Beer drinkers have a lot of choice of what to drink.

I always start with a draft Pilsner Urquell in a jug and this time that was followed by bottled Zlaty Bazant. Other drinks are available, such as the Dark Budvar being shown off below.

Phones/cameras are probably the other common factor. I always take a few pictures, as I do of every event I go to (and get told of for sometimes), and usually a few other people do to. This then leads to the usual conversations about phones and the traditional iPhone v Android argument.

I have an iPhone 4 and it is fantastic!

I was playing with my compact camera (IXUS 80IS) too, only to discover that the picture I took, with the clever and colour tint to just show the green of the beer bottles, was almost identical to the one I took last month.

The second photo came from the iPhone using the Instagram app that lets you apply some colouring effects and to post it directly to Facebook and/or Twitter. I'm easily impressed by things like that!

The final part of the mix is the conversations but I may no attempt to capture these. However there was a "moving on" theme with various people about to change jobs or homes. And one occasional visitor to these events had given his apologies for missing as his new job meant that he was flying a commercial plane in to Afghanistan.

The best laid plans of mice and men go aft awry so it's better not to make any plans and just let the mood and the people take you through the evening.

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