13 March 2010

Open Mike night at the Grey Horse

The open mike nights at the Grey Horse have become a regular feature in my busy social schedule because a friend of mine plays there, other friends like to hear the music too and it's a good pub in which to while a way an evening.

This was my third night there in the last couple of months and the mix of musicians has been different every time.

This time most of the artists were soloists who were joined by one duo and a proper band (pictured) with five members.

As before, the songs were a mix of covers familiar and unknown plus a few written by the performers. It was good to hear some songs made famous by Simon and Garfunkle and some other sing-along favourites, including a French version of Mad World (Monde Fou).

Of course it was not all good, this is an amateur open mike night so you expect a bit of the bland and the awful but nothing was bad enough for long enough to upset the pleasant flow of the evening or to deter me from going again next month.

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