19 March 2010

Discovering hidden London

Even after all these years I still get great pleasure from simply walking around London. The usual excuse for the walk is the commute to/from the office and the lunchtime stroll to get a sarnie.

I vary my routes so that I explore new places and I delight in find new treasures and in rediscovering old one. I could fill a large album with the things I've enjoyed this year alone but let's just focus on a couple.

The former Daimler garage in Herbrand Street, hidden just off Russell Square, is a wonderful example of the clean lines tinged with Egyptian influence that make art deco buildings so special.

This building is approaching its eightieth birthday but its class shines through to make it stand out proudly, or even arrogantly, against its lesser neighbours.

The next choice is some street art, something that is quite hard to find in most parts of London. Brixton is a notable exception and is worth going to just for its murals.

This is a close-up of a mural in Edward Square in Copenhagen Street painted on the side of a house. It's just around the corner from my office in Kings Place but it still took me a year to find!

The painting commemorates a march in the nearby Copenhagen Fields in 1834 in support of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

All the characters were based on local people, an excellent idea for fostering community interest and pride.

Turning the daily commute and the chore of getting lunch in to journeys of exploration add interest, excitement and learning to the day. I thoroughly recommend it!

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