7 March 2010

Kew orchids

It's great when plans work out well!

A tweet on Friday reminded me that today (Sunday 7 March) was the last day of the Tropical Extravaganza at Kew Gardens and somebody I met on Ham Parade on Saturday morning recommended the event so the decision was made to go on Sunday morning.

Kew Gardens opens at 9:30 every day so a prompt start was possible and the sunny (if cold) morning made it welcome so the alarm was set, a quick breakfast was had and the briefest run was enough to catch the 65 bus that goes directly to Kew.

Kew Gardens is a large rambling garden with many places of interest but the orchids were the reason for going this time so the place to be was the Princess of Wales Conservatory with a stunning display of colours welcomed the brave visitors.

The Conservatory has many sections over spread over several levels and connected by confusing paths; it's an explorer's delight. At the heart is a water feature (with an aggressive looking cat fish patrolling to keep the children alert) with plenty of space above for the exotic plants to grow into. Here the orchids were the most numerous, the most colourful and the most impressive.

I last wrote about Kew Gardens eight months ago and complained then that I had not been for nine months and I vowed to go more frequently. I could claim that going there a mere eight months later is an improvement but I am now considering getting annual membership to force me to go more often. We'll see how that one works out!

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