14 March 2010

Another fun BCSA social

The monthly BCSA socials are another regular fixture on my social calendar :-)

They are held at the Czechoslovak National House in West Hampstead on the second Wednesday of each month and attract a mix of regulars and newcomers who just want an evening in convivial surroundings with the boost of Czech/Slovak food and drink.

In this regard I am a creature of habit choosing to drink draught Pilsner Urquell and to eat smazeny syr (fried cheese), shown here mid-course mainly because I forgot to take a photo earlier!

The conversations were many, easy and relaxed. They were also mostly held in English which helped me!

People tend to assume that I speak Czech/Slovak (not unreasonably given the circumstances and location) and I always feel a little embarrassed to admit that my only language is English and I would not claim any great proficiency in that either.

These socials are on an open-house basis, i.e. people can come and go at any time during the evening, and it is always gratifying to see how many of us find ourselves hurrying at closing time to catch the last train home. It's a fair bet that I'll be doing this again next month!

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