21 May 2009

Slaine returns to 2000AD

Most of the stories in 2000AD fit firmly into the "science fiction" but there are some exceptions, such as the marvellously bloodthirsty Slaine.

In many ways this is familiar territory and a mythical pre-history world where savage gods and magic still hold sway has proved to be fertile ground and has spawned many fantastical stories with familiar characters like Conan the Barbarian and Merlin.

Slaine is a worth addition to that canon and has been enlivening the pages of 2000AD since 1983.

Pat Mills writes the stories and he writes much that is very good in 2000AD so you know that this is going to be good too.

Several artists have worked on Slaine over the years, all to good effect, including fan favourites Mike McMahon, Massimo Belardinelli, Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley.

The latest story, The Gong Beater, is drawn by Clint Langley who I said nice things about recently regarding his work on ABC Warriors (also written by Pat Mills) and his work here is also excellent.

The bloody axe tells you all that you need to know about the character and the story!

2000AD remains my favourite comic simply because of the diversity and the quality of the stories that it delivers week after week. Slaine is just another example that proves the rule.

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