9 May 2009

Petersham Lodge garden (May 2009)

I think that this ought to be my last story about gardens for a while before people think that I have given up politics for gardening (I haven't!). The final garden in this little series of local gardens, again opened for charity by the National Gardens Scheme, is at Petersham Lodge which is about one mile up the road towards Richmond.

The main feature of the garden is a large pond that is enclosed by trees to make a space that is damp, dark and delightful. At one end of the pond is a large classical style folly with sheltered seats that offer the best view of the garden that stretches across the lake and lawn to the house.

A large section of the garden is informal and natural looking, though I am sure the gardeners take a lot of effort to achieve this look. As elsewhere in the garden there are seats, statues, vistas and paths. This quiet spot is secluded and shaded and is an ideal place to just sit and enjoy the greenery,

Near to the house the garden is more formal with well tended borders and this decorative collection of hedges. It's not a maze but it was close enough for the small children that had fun chasing each other around it.

Of the four gardens that I have been to recently Petersham Lodge is the only one that belongs to a normal (if rather large) house, the others have been communal gardens, and the owner is to be congratulated for sharing it with us.

You can see more photographs of Petersham Lodge on my Ham Photos blog.

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