18 May 2009

On a winning streak :-)

I do not enter that many competitions but some tempt me and it is nice when I win something and just recently things have been going my way a little.
  1. I'm hardly short of shoulder bags but I fancied The Day the Earth Stood Still one in a competition in 2000AD and now it is in the study with all the others. Got the DVD too.
  2. The Willoughby Pub Kwiz on Sunday nights is a low-key affair but it is still nice to win and my team did a week ago and we got a Da Vinci Code board game each as our token prize.
  3. This week I won £25 on the Premium Bonds. I would have preferred the million but given today's saving rates £25 is a good return!
  4. I'm not short of black t-shirts either but who could resist a Philosophy Football one?
The total value of all these prizes is under £50 (and it's only that high because of the Premium Bond win) but it's nice to win and nicer to have something to show for it. Shame about the holiday to Mexico though ...

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