6 May 2009

Watergardens on Kingston Hill (May 2009)

I seem to becoming depressingly middle-class in my middle-age and am spending much more time walking around gardens than I used to. Worse still, I seem to be enjoying it.

The excellent National Garden Scheme opened up the Watergardens on Kingston Hill for a day and this is some of what is there to see.

You would expect to find water, cranes and round bridges in a Japanese inspired water gardens, and you do. The water flows through the garden to rest in this pond at the bottom where the abundant water encourages the broad leaf plants.

The cranes do not have it all their own way and they share the pond with a noisy fountain and several of the smallest ducklings that I have ever seen. There are some in this picture but the look just like the floating leaves.

Elsewhere in the garden there is lots of bright colour. There are some blues but these are mostly on small bluebells and the big dramatic splashes of colour are oranges, pinks, purples and reds.

The garden is on a little hill which is criss-crossed by water and paths making it a great place to explore. Even on a busy open day I was mostly able to avoid people and had no problems taking pictures without anybody in them.

Looking down on this bridge gives you some idea of the architecture, gradient and privacy, all of which combine to make this a great garden to visit

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