20 April 2009

Portland on a good day

Most of Easter was damp and grey but the Monday was warm and sunny so we could swap the indoors for the outdoors and the outdoors that we chose was Portland in Dorset. And we took my father too.

First stop was Portland Bill at the southern tip of the isle where the sea races past wildly at times but not today. Rocks that are times unreachable due to the violent waves are instead exposed to the equally powerful force of holiday makers.

There is little to do on Portland besides scramble over rocks and the lads on specialist bikes (much like BMXs but without saddles) were most impressive as they did so.

The Lobster Pot Restaurant provided a welcome drink and snack and nothing says that you are on a British seaside holiday than a plate of egg and chips.

The geology here is pretty simple, the layers of Portland Stone can be seen clearly and are almost level. The huts seem intimidated by the stones and are trying their hardest to fit in by adopting a square grey look.

Returning to the mainland takes you down the steep side of the isle through the small town of Fortuneswell. Here the houses cling desperately to the side of the hill in fear of sliding into the sea. Just nipping out to the shops to get milk in the morning must be enough to keep Portlanders fit.

Portland is joined to the mainland via the majestic Chesil Beach that stretches 29 kilometres north-west towards Abbotsbury. The beach rises steeply but still provides an inadequate defense against the fiercest seas so further defenses have been built at the crest of the beach and the houses nearby (including the delightful Cove House Inn) have their own defenses like window shutters and raised doorsteps.

Portland can be fearful, gloomy and unwelcoming but when the sea is tame and the sun is warm then it is a good place to stretch your legs, breath the fresh salty air and admire the views.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting place. If you visit regularly you might be able to pick up a few stones every time and eventually build yourself for instance a mini shed of the famous stone! :-)


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