18 April 2009

Comedy at The Willoughby

The Willoughby Arms is a good pub in its own right but it also a function room that hosts local clubs and societies and once a month is the venue for a comedy club run by Terry the Stand Up.

Previously I have been reminded of the comedy nights when hordes of happy people have come downstairs during one of the beer breaks but this time I was more organized and got a ticket myself. I'm glad I did.

The format is pretty straight forward. The compere, David Rowan, tied it all together with a mix of humour and ukulele playing. During his linking bits we learnt that one of his many jobs is cleaning windows but, bizarrely, he has not yet learnt to play the George Formby classic "When I'm Cleaning Windows". David also made the best bad taste joke of the evening, it was very funny but I am not going to repeat it!

The acts he linked were Caroline Mabey, Snorri Hergill, Elliot Potter, Toby French and Imran Yusuf, which proved to be a good mix as all were really funny but in different ways.

Caroline Mabey started the evening off very well and she proved to be my favourite act of the evening with her personal stories. Snorri Hergill espoused on being an Icelandic in England (clearly a rich source of humour at the moment), Elliot Potter showed why you should never sit in the front row of a comedy show and Toby French passed his friends' funny stories off as his own. Imran Yusuf closed the show with a dynamic and fast paced set that included a dinosaur impression!

I found all of the acts to be genuinely funny and I laughed out loud a lot. I expect that I will be laughing again on 22 May at the next comedy club night.

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