8 April 2009

My podcasts (April 2009)

I usually download the latest iTunes software as it becomes available but then do not play around with any new features so I have no idea how long I have been able to display my podcasts like this.

I like this style as it makes it easy to see how many and which sorts of podcasts I listen to. It also clearly shows a not unexpected fondness for BBC programs.

This is how I categorise what I listen to:
  • Fun (11) Archers, Armstrong and Miller, The Bugle, Composer of the Week, Dave Weekly Vodcast, David Mitchell's SoapBox, Friday Night Comedy, Marvel Podcasts, Car Pool, Stephen Fry's PODGRAMS, Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone,
  • Current Affairs (8) Analysis, Crossing Continents, Demos Project, From Our Own Correspondent, John Pienaar's Political Review, RSA Events, This Week in Africa, Weekly Westminster Review,
  • Science and Nature (7) Discovery, Farming Today, Material World, One Planet, Machine of the Week, Science in Action, TED Talks,
  • Business (6) The Bottom Line, Harvard Business IdeaCast, Harvard Business Video IdeaCast, Money Box, World of Business, The Systems Thinking Review,
  • Information Technology (5) Click On, Digital Planet, IBM developerWorks, IBM Institute for Business Value, Ideas from IBM,
  • Social Sciences (3) In our Time, More or Less, Thinking Allowed,
Luckily not all of these podcasts are broadcast at the same time (i.e. most of them have breaks) so keeping on top of my listening schedule is just about possible, provided I do plenty of walking and/or commuting!

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