4 April 2009

Wild Beasts delight with their first album Limbo, Panto

I am buying very little music these days, apart from new albums by a few old favourite artists like Neil Young, simply because I have heard very little new music that I like.

In the past I have bought quite a bit of indie and Brit-pop and I am a big fan of bands like Suede and Pulp (not Blur!) but the initial invention in the genre disappeared years ago and we were left with a string of bland identikit guitar bands like Travis, Cold Play and Snow Patrol.

So I was very pleased to come across Wild Beasts on a Dave Vodcast (look for it on iTunes) who identified three bands to watch in 2009.

Wild Beats are quirky and quirky is good so I tried their album and I am loving it :-)

It has hints of all sorts of good things, including Sparks and PJ Harvey, but mixed up in a new way that is exciting and fun. At last, I have some new music worth listening to.

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