19 November 2007

A night out in Soho

These are the rather jolly Christmas decorations in Carnaby Street which I walked under when going from drinks at The Clachan to a meal at Aperitivo.

Aperitivo has become my default restaurant when eating out in London because the atmosphere is good, the food is excellent and the service is better. I had not been there for a couple of months but the manageress remembered me and, more importantly, remembered the wine that I ordered last time and wanted again. I'll be back before too long.


  1. Hi Matthew, isn't it amazing how good service always seems to create repeat custom? I only wish more people would realise that. I have caught up with your posts since I visited last time, and I enjoyed reading them, as always.

  2. Hi, just dropping by to say that I have “roared” you. Visit my blog to find out what I am talking about. Roooaaar!


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