12 November 2007

Little hope of fair funding for needy children in Kingston

The review of deprivation funding in Kingston upon Thames is drawing to a close after almost a year having made very little progress. Back in March I showed how funding for schools is not related to deprivation but the proposals under consideration are no better.

The proposals for the secondary sector do at least broadly match deprivation (i.e. the bars follow the line) but the different proposals, shown by the differently coloured bars, are too similar and most of the schools are well below the line, i.e. the schools at either end of the scale are proportionately much higher than the others.

The picture in the primary sector is even worse. Here there is less correlation between the bars and the line and while the most needy schools are more or less on the line there are many less needy schools that are well above it, i.e. they are getting proportionally much more funding.

These graphs show the situation quite clearly, as mine did eight months ago, but nobody (apart from me!) seems to be interested in diverting funding to the more needy children.

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