10 July 2007

Yardbirds rock in Sutton

Sunday evening I went to the Boom Boom Club in Sutton to see the legendary Yardbirds. Two of the original band are still there (on drums and rhythm guitar) and are now joined by bass/vocals, lead guitar and harmonica to make a rocking five piece.

The set covered thirty years or more, including some fairly recent songs as well as some ancient classics like Shapes of Things and Dazed and Confused.

The evening was enhanced by a free beer (even if it was a Fosters) and not winning a season ticket to Sutton United in the raffle.


  1. What? No Keith Relf, Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck? I bet it was good anyway. Great that they keep going and give their old fans some nostalgic musical moments.

  2. Jeff Beck was in the audience, apparently, but did not play with the band. Jimmy Page has also made a guest appearance at the Boom Boom Club in the past so it is definitely the place to go and see old rockers.


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