24 July 2007

Elling is a joy

Like a lot of people I guess, I was interested in seeing Elling at the Trafalgar Studios because it stars John Simm, famous for his lead role in Life on Mars and, more recently, for playing The Master in Dr Who, and it proved to be an excellent choice.

John Simm plays a "mummy's boy" who spends some time in a mental institution following the death of his mother before being released back into the community. And he played the part brilliantly.

His portrayal of the character gave a clear focus throughout the play and made it worth watching by itself.

But to make things even better, the story is rather good too.

It's the simple story of two misfits' gradual and problematic return to society and it's the detail, rather than any major events, that carries the plot. It is warm, sympathetic and very human. It is also funny.

It's a rewarding and entertaining experience that was enthusiastically applauded by the packed audience.

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