13 July 2007

A jolly night in Soho

I first met Richard the best part of twenty years ago when we were both working on the Ceska Sporitelna project in Prague. Over the years we have changed jobs a few times but we still meet fairly regularly for a few beers and a chat.

We both live (and usually work) outside of central London and there are a number of areas in London where it is convenient for both of us to get to but we seem to have become creatures of habit and now we almost always meet just off Oxford Circus.

Our starting point is The Clachan which seems to be almost a part of Liberty, which is no bad thing. They have a good range of beers (I was drinking Wychwood Owzat) and a lively crowd of workers and tourists.

Soho is full of places to eat and we have tried a few of them but we have become regulars at aperitivo in Beak Street. We keep going back because the food is so good and somewhat different from the usual, the atmosphere is informal (we once shared a couple of sofas with a couple of ladies from Microsoft which led to an interesting conversation about the domination of the world by awful software!), and the staff are very friendly.

The manager is Rotem (pictured here with Richard) who, as you can tell from her smile, is another of the plus points of the place.

All these elements made it another great night out and one I'm sure we'll repeat before too long.

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  1. richard is the best friend in the world! yuppiiiiiii


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