19 July 2007

Matthew Bourne's The Car Man is a feast of dancing

The banners outside of the theatre say "Sadler's Wells is dance" and it is London's best venue for dance offering a vary interesting and varied programme throughout the year. Sadler's Wells is in Islington, which means that it is slightly the wrong side of London for me but the tortuous journey there is well worth it for the special performances, such as the one that I went to last night.

Matthew Bourne's The Car Man has been revived from the original 2000 show and is playing to packed audiences again. Matthew Bourne may be mostly known for his all male Swan Lake but he is now responsible for a number of shows that are popular with audiences and critics alike.

The Car Man takes some of the music and a little of the drama of Carmen but all that really means is that many of the tunes are familiar. The story is set in 50's America in a garage and adjacent diner and revolves around a new arrival to the town, the car man. The plot is gripping enough but it is the dancing that captivates you.

There is a large cast and most of them are dancing most of the time, often in little cameos away from the centre of the stage. At times it is difficult to decide which dancers to follow but that only adds to the experience. It is a truly stunning and enjoyable show.

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