12 July 2007

Video killed the radio star

This blog's title was prompted by the support act to the Yardbirds at the Boom Boom Club, minuscule hey, who played a rather weird set that included this Buggles classic (I bought the single at the time). However, the blog is actually about the latest Gurteen Knowledge Cafe that I went to last night on the subject of the impact of video.

The two speakers made a compelling case for the role of video, particularly in getting groups who would not normally meet (or want to meet) to start to understand each other better. The case study was given of ethnic minorities in France (who felt let down by the establishment) and major employers (who associated ethnic minorities with rioting and crime). Using videos that we created in each side's comfort zone enabled prejudices to be broken and paved the way for real meetings that led to some of the ethnic minorities getting good jobs with the major employers.

The table discussions that followed took the video theme in many directions (as usually happens at Knowledge Cafes, which is why they are so good) and inspired me to look more seriously at video as a means of communicating all sorts of messages.

Most consultants point to the YouTube video on what web2.0 is all about at this point (and it is good) but here's a recent one of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band instead.

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