23 June 2007

Art that even the kids like

We all went to see Antony Gormley's Blind Light at the Hayward Gallery at the South Bank on Saturday and all thoroughly enjoyed it.

The main piece, Blind Light itself, was the second most disorientation experience I've ever had. As you wander around inside the artificial cloud you can only see the other people in with you the instant before you walk into them. There is no sense of direction and the whole effect is very eerie. b.t.w. the place that was worse than this was the coastal path/road west from Petrovacs in Montenegro, there it was so dark you really could not see your hand in front of your face.

Other exhibits that I really liked were Matrices and Expansions (wire cage outlines of people expanded into complex geometric shapes) and Space Station (a large construction made from steel boxes of varying sizes).

Outside of the gallery is Event Horizon, a collection of statues, like the one pictured here, that have been added to the local roof line and which come in and out of view as you walk around the South Bank area. Visually stunning and I hope that some of them stay after the main exhibition closes in August.

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