28 June 2007

La Cenerentola at Glyndebourne

The first visit to Glyndebourne this year was to see Rossini's La Cenerentola (Cinderella).

Glyndebourne is always a joy, even in the rain, and we arrived there in good time to bag a table in the marquee.

The picnic, held during the long interval in the opera, is very much part of the whole experience and the guests take it seriously.

This means that many of the tables are dressed with candles and/or flowers. And of course, there is the frequent sound of champagne corks popping.

Let's not forget that the opera is an important part of the evening too!

La Cenerentola is a little unusual for opera in that it has a happy ending. It shares most of it's plot with Cinderella but she manages to marry the prince without the help of a good fairy, mice or a pumpkin, and the glass shoe becomes a bracelet.

It was staged (by Peter Hall) to show some of the humour but not to overplay it, i.e. it has funny moments but is not a comic opera.

The singing and playing were first class and the long ovation at the end was well deserved.

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  1. Hi Matthew, as you've noticed I've put you on my blogroll. I lived for 8 years in north Kingston and nearly 8 years in Isleworth, so I enjoy reading your blogs since it is sort of my old neck of the woods that you write about. I found you through the 'Next Blog' button. Take care.


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