15 June 2007

LogicaCMG research highlights knowledge gap

I've been interested in Knowledge Management for ten years or more and so it was good to see my employer, LogicaCMG, issue a report that highlights its importance.

If effective knowledge management practices are not implemented UK industry could see £2.6 billion of projects under threat due to a lack of expert knowledge amongst staff. The UK faces the risk of a yawning knowledge gap: the amount of new infrastructure required in the UK outstrips the knowledge available to build it.

LogicaCMG independent research conducted with large firms in the UK energy, utilities and allied industries market, found that 70 per cent of UK companies anticipate the emergence of a knowledge gap within just five years.

The critical importance of effective knowledge management was fully appreciated by most companies, with 92 per cent of respondents reporting that technical expertise is a key intellectual property required for sustained growth. However, 69 per cent of companies have little or no knowledge management processes and provisions in place.

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