13 March 2007

Michael Gordon's Industry is Unclassifiable (according to iTunes)

Some years ago I read a short review of an album called Industry by Michael Gordon in Q Magazine and was interested enough to give it a go and I've been buying music like that ever since. I call it modern classical music, but iTunes calls it unclassifiable, which may be more accurate!

Because it's "unclassifiable" it's hard to describe but it has elements of "real" classical music, minimalism and inde rock (think Radiohead etc.). Luckily, while it may be hard to describe, it is quite easy to find as Bang on a Can has nothing else but this sort of music.

I tend to buy most things they do, particularly anything by Michael Gordon, and it's his Decasia (pictured here) that's my favourite of the lot.

And I was lucky enough to catch one of their rare European concerts last year where their main band, the Band on a Can All-stars, performed with the very interesting, very lovely and very strange Iva Bittova. Highly recommended!

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