17 March 2007


Podcasts, like blogs, have now become a major source of news and information for me, so much so that I rarely read newspapers and magazines these days. I subscribe to several podcasts on iTunes and listen to them when travelling to/from work, which is two hours each way at the moment giving me plenty of time for listening!

I tend to listen to podcasts on technology, current affairs and social history.

IBM is a good source of podcasts on technology and on its impact on business and the ones that I am subscribed to currently are IBM Global Innovation Outlook, IBM developerWorks, IBM Innovations, IBM Institute for Business Value: Insights and Perspectives, and ShortCuts.

The BBC is where I get most of my other podcasts from and I am listening to From Our Own Correspondent, In business, In our time (pictured), and The Now Show.

Also worth a mention are the excellent TEDTalks. The conference speakers are top-notch, e.g. Al Gore, Richard Dawkins and, er, Bono. They generally address big issues, like the climate crisis or urban regeneration, but some are also very funny so be careful when listening to these on the train. I liked Al Gore's description of how his life has changed as having spent eight years travelling on Air Force Two he now has to take his shoes off to get on a plane!

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