11 March 2007


For a blog I call "Ham Life" I've said remarkably little about Ham so far so now's the time to redress that.

Quite often on Saturday morning I get dragged out by the youngest brat for a walk and this week was no exception. We set off around 7:30am, rather later than usual, and set off on our normal route which takes us across Ham Common, along the bridle path and then down to Ham House. These railings are in one corner of the grounds.

Just past Ham House is the river and we walk along this to Richmond where I get to have a latte and the chance to warm up.

Sane people would catch the bus home, but we walk. There are various routes back and this week we went through Richmond Park, entering at Dysart Gate and leaving at Ham Gate. Then it's a short walk through the wooded part of Ham Common and home in time for breakfast.

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