7 May 2015

Old music from a new bottle

The Open Mic nights that I used to go to at the Grey Horse had moved (more or less) to The Oak just a few hundred metres north. This was a pub that I knew from when I lived in Kings Road though it was far from my favourite then and it had been many years since I last went there during which time it had a few make-overs and name changes. The new venue and day (it had moved from Wednesday to Thursday) had thrown me a little and it took a while before I was finally able to get there.

When I did get to The Oak it was just like old times with many of the acts I knew from before playing some of the songs that I remembered to some familiar faces in the audience. Not that there was anything wrong with that, it worked well at the Grey Horse and there was no reason that it should not work at The Oak too.

One of the familiar acts, and one that I was especially pleased to see again, was Catherine Paver with her mix of reasonably simple tunes and complex words. I broadcast her first song on Periscope as something of an experiment. I think that it worked but Periscope only keeps videos for 24 hours so you will have to take my word for it.

Now that the new venue and day have wormed their way into my consciousness I am sure that I will be going back for more old music from a new bottle.

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