31 May 2015

Mutts pays homage to Krazy Kat

Mutts is a gentle comic strip that reminds us how cute nature is in general and pets are in particular. I read it because it comes by email and takes no time to consume. I have been reading it for a few years and while it has been pleasant enough nothing remarkable has ever happened.

Until today.

The Sunday colour strip features the two main characters, Mooch the cat and Earl the dog, as well as the nut throwing squirrels and so in many ways it is a normal strip. What makes it special is that it is drawn in the style of Krazy Kat, the classic cartoon by George Herriman which ran from 1913 to 1944.

Krazy Kat was an odd love-triangle involving a cat, a dog and a brick throwing mouse and that alone would have made it a notable strip but what elevated it to the level of a genuine classic was the abstract drawing style, which Mutts paid homage to in today's strip.

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