10 May 2015

Warren House on Kingston Hill gets arty

Warren House on Kingston Hill makes its money these days as a venue for conferences, weddings and other special events and that means that a lot of attention is paid to make the garden something to be enjoyed over a glass of wine and also a perfect background for photographs.

There are various gardens within the garden to suit different moods and occasions and while none of them are very large they are all pretty and have interesting things in them. The collection of gardens is made more interesting by their contrasts and I always like moving between and through them. The sunken garden is a particular delight of mine simply because it is hidden away below an ornate wall.

Next to the house is a small Italianate garden with a cute water feature. This had a new addition this year with some birds flying above the water. This was one of the several works of art that had been added throughout the garden since my previous visit and it was fun discovering them all.

The side garden, which was never really part of the main garden, was closed for a serious makeover that will bring it up to the standard of the others. Seeing the new garden will give me a good excuse to go back to Warren House the next time the gardens are open. Not that I need an excuse.

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