7 December 2014

Office Politics at Theatre503 was sharp, dark and funny

Office Politics described itself as "three darkly twisted and hilarious plays" which is right in my sweet spot so obviously I was going to be tempted. It was on at Theatre503 too, another good thing. The bad news was that the only night of the two that it was on that I could get to was the normally theatre-dry Sunday evening.

The good triumphed over the bad, rather easily, and I went.

I got to Clapham Junction in time to walk to the theatre (the Health app on the iPhone 6 makes you want to walk everywhere) and to get a pint in before climbing the tricky stairs up to the theatre's waiting area in good time for the 7:45 start.

I got my usual middle of the front-row seat and while I took the usual photo of my view I decided not to use it as it was for the set of the panto and had no bearing on the plays at all.

The three plays followed one after another, rather like a sketch show but with much longer sketches that usual.

In the first two opposites collided in a lift. One was posh and a little late for his interview, the other was working class and very early. Then the lift broke down. Then they started to annoy each other with their habits. Then they learned that they were going for the same job. It did not end well. The confession from the posh one that he was from Richmond added an extra smile.

In the second a young lady was in a waiting room, presumably in a police station, where she went through the events that might have led to her being there. These were delivered in the non-chronological order that the brains connects things. The main theme was her unrequited love for somebody in the office who preferred, instead, the obvious shallow charms of another. Then they went on an adventure trip together. It did not end well.

In the final story two young men hit the town in a blur of J├Ągerbombs, cocaine and lap dancers. It did not end well.

Office Politics was what it claimed, three darkly twisted and hilarious plays, which was just the thing to brighten up a dull grey evening. Once again Theatre503 had delivered the goods.

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