20 December 2014

Who are You at Christmas?

I had seen The Who covers band Who are You at the Fox and Duck before and that was enough reason to see them again, especially as I was passing the pub on a bus on my way back from a Sparks concert.

Going to the Sparks concert first meant that I only caught the only last hour or so of Who are You, which was fine with me as while I like a lot of The Who's songs they have never been a great favourite of mine.

And seeing the end of their set meant that I got to hear the best of The Who's music, notably Won't Get Fooled Again. I was not taking notes (that would have been sad) and I was far to far away from the stage to grab a photo of the set-list so I am not certain what else they played but they were all songs that I, and everybody else there, knew and some disturbing but enthusiastic singing happened.

Who are You had pulled in a good crowd and that, with the catchy music and a few familiar faces, made for a good atmosphere in the pub. It is for all those things that I like to go to the Fox and Duck on a music night.

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