25 December 2014

Having A Merry Leeds Rhinos Christmas

I dropped some massive hints on what I wanted for Christmas, the sort of hints that come in emails with URLs to shopping websites, and I am delighted that they worked.

After some years of neglect I am starting to rebuild my wardrobe by throwing out all the worn-out clothes and replacing them with new ones. The throwing out part is working well and I just need to pay a little more attention to the replacing part.

I like cotton rugby shirts because they more flexible than jumpers (you do not need to wear a shirt underneath) and they are prettier too. It also gives me the opportunity to show my loyalty to Wales (international Ruby Union), Leeds/Yorkshire Carnegie (domestic Rugby Union) and Leeds Rhinos (Rugby League).

I already had two Leeds Rhinos shirts and at Christmas I got two more.

Rugby League is now a Summer game and the new Super League season does not start until February (that's early Summer!) but the new 2015 strip was in the shops for Christmas. These are, left-to-right, the new away and home shirts.

The home short is a slight variant on the usual blue and yellow but my other two away shirts are white and pink so the new one adds some fresh colours to my wardrobe. I am wearing the away shirt now.

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