24 November 2014

Labour make a more enticing offer

When it comes to tempting the electorate, the Conservative Party does not have a clue.

Their big offer in their attempt to get ordinary people to donate to their campaign is a bog-standard mug (the offer to rich people is somewhat different and includes peerages). I already have far more mugs than I'll ever need, or could fit in my cupboard if they were all clean at the same time, and many of them have some emotional value. I have no reason to get another one.

If I liked the party I would donate £19 to avoid getting the ugly and pointless thing.

The Labour deal is far more attractive.

To quote from the email that they sent me, "Donate £19 towards a Labour victory now, and you'll get your very own, special-edition Grayson Perry canvas bag/work of art."

It could be argued, with justification, that I also have more bags than I'll ever need but there's always room for another special one. The nice thing about bags is that you can store them in other bags.

And it's by Grayson Perry. Everybody loves Grayson Perry.

I had donated some money to Labour only a few days earlier for no immediate reward, in response to a tweet, but I was warned that "numbers are strictly limited" on the bag so I jumped on the donation site and gave them some more.

Now I have another bag to look forward to and Labour has another £19 to fight the Tories with. That's a Win-Win.

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