12 November 2014

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (November 2014)

Another month, another BCSA "Get to Know You" Social, another good evening.

The ingredients were much the same as usual. My chosen food, Smazeny Syr, was the least surprising thing and the waiter had written my choice down before I told him what it was. I started the evening on the usual Pilsner Urquell but managed to vary from the plan by getting a special Pilsner Urquell glass (pictured) rather than the usual jug.

The mix of people was much the same too though I was glad that we spent more time talking in English this month. The mix included some regulars, e.g. Lubo and Ruzena, as well as some people joining us for the first or second time. This mix is one of the reasons that these evenings work so well.

The only negative part of the evening was hearing how one of the people there was being subjected to some racial harassment having moved slightly out of London to a town where foreign nationals are not commonplace.

The other conversations were more positive and the evening flew past. I am not sure why the bar closes at 10:30pm (what did happen to the 24 hour drinking that Tony Blair promised us?) but that is probably a good thing as it takes me just over an hour to get home from them.

And, as usual, I went home happy and invigorated. The BCSA "Get to Know You" Socials are simple in idea and execution and yet they always manage to be a lot of fun. I like fun.

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