19 November 2014

Discovering art on the Caledonian Road

It has been a while since I have had the opportunity or the time to go for a lunchtime walk around our Kings Place office and I was not intending to do so this day either but the Kings Place Gallery was being used for an event so I was forced outside.

At first I headed for the obvious place, Central Saint Martins, where the cranes were busy on the next stage of work that that will include a Waitrose and a Cookery School. I'll have to wait until late 2015 to see what that looks like.

From there I headed for the disused York Road tube station. I hope that features in the redevelopment plans for the area and it would make my journey to work easier if it were to reopen as a Piccadilly Line station.

I could have walked straight down York Way to the office but I was enjoying my rare time outside so I went along Copenhagen Street instead.

Where Copenhagen Streets meets Caledonian Road I found this work of art. It was in the tarmaced area around a block of flats on the corner. Some of the space on the ground floor had been converted to an arts club and I presume that they were responsible for the work; local art by local people for local people.

Buoyed by my artistic discovery I ended my lunchtime stroll by heading down the scruffy Caledonian Road and then along the tranquil Regent's Canal back to Kings Place.

It was a short but good walk and I've learned a lesson from it. I need to get out more.

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