19 February 2014

Open Mic night at the Grey Horse (19 Feb 14)

I like the atmosphere, and a lot of the music, at the Grey Horse Open Mic evenings so, when a meeting had me in that part of Kingston earlier in the evening, going on to the Grey Horse afterwards was an obvious choice.

The crowd there, participants and audience, was much the same as on my previous visit, which was fine with me.

I did not know a lot of the songs, which was also fine, either because they were originals or were folk covers and I do not know a lot of folk.

The artists were limited to three songs each so even in the few cases where I did not get on with the music there was not too much boredom to endure. And I always had a friend and a pint of Young's Ordinary for company.

Having managed to get to the Open Mic night at the Grey Horse twice in the space of a month or so it is now firmly on my radar and I'll be going more often. In some ways it's not that special but it is certainly a jolly enough night out and that is always better than a night in.

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