12 February 2014

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (February 2014)

I missed January's social due to work (I was helping to prepare a bid and that always means long hours because we are not as good at them as we should be) so I was keen to get to February's. I was even prepared to battle through the tube strike to do so but that was cancelled just beforehand so my travel was easy.

The evening went much as they always do; a few pints of Pilsner Urquell, some smazeny syr to eat after toying with the idea of trying something else for a change, a bottle of Zlaty Bazant to end the evening and plenty of good conversations along the way (and one mad one).

The rest of the Czechoslovak National House was busy (because the Czechs were playing ice hockey in the Olympics) but quiet (because they were losing).

A personal highlight was meeting Zuzana again having been sat next to her at the BCSA Annual Dinner, and this gave me the opportunity to find out more about her PhD thesis which has a strong Knowledge Management element and that interested me.

The bad conversation was towards the end and was on the often unrewarding topic of politics. In this I was told that I should be shot for supporting Labour! Bad conversations are very much the exception and this little foray with the Mad Right did nothing to spoil the evening for me.

Also there were some people working with Depaul that it was good to talk to having done a little work with the charity a couple of years ago, also relating to Knowledge Management.

Another fun evening and only a month until the next one.

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