8 February 2014

Broken Bones at the Fox and Duck

Broken Bones describe themselves as a heavy rock 3-piece, which is the sort of thing that I like, so I went to see them when they came to local pub the Fox and Duck.

As is often the case, I had a theatre date beforehand so I missed the start of the band. Luckily the bands start quite late, usually around 9:30, and they go on until almost midnight (with a break) so getting there around 10:30pm meant that there was still plenty of time to enjoy the music.

Broken Bones were a little the same and a little different from the other rock covers bands on the circuit.

The set list had a lot of the classics (Smoke on the Water, Paranoid, Highway to Hell, Born to be Wild, etc. etc.) but it also had a few unusual choices, such as Black Night and Sweet Home Alabama.

The other difference was their sound. I thought that they sounded like Crazy Horse (Neil Young's backing band) and my mate thought that they were grungy, which amounts to much the same thing.

As we used to say in the seventies, the band were altogether and were an impressive unit. Ed (lead guitar) provided most of the vocals and I liked the way that Smiffy (bass) did a few songs to change the sound a little.

It was a Smiffy sung song, Ace of Spades, that closed the evening on a very high note. The set list had more songs on it, including the not-so-short Freebird, but the midnight bell beat them and they had to leave the remaining songs for another day.

I've now marked Broken Bones as one of my favourite bands on Lemonrock so that I can keep track of them and I've already put their next two Fox and Duck gigs, on 19 July and 11 October, in my diary. They are well worth going to see.

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