10 January 2014

Green Park under water

From time to time I need to work in our UK head office which is based in Green Park to the south of Reading next to the more famous Madejski Stadium.

This is something of a pain for me as the journey there is terrible, if things work well the door-to-door journey takes two and a half hours.each way, and the only redeeming factor is that I get to walk around the landscaped grounds of Green Park at lunchtime.

I am fairly certain that I've posted pictures of Green Park somewhere before and this was meant to be a then-and-now piece but I cannot find the then so I'll just describe the now.

Green Park is built around a large irregularly shaped lake with a path around the outside and a few bridges to let people get around more easily.

This works well usually and the path around the lake is pretty but when there has been as much rain as we have had recently then the lake rises to change the mood of the place.

The lakeside path is easily consumed by the rising water with only the railings on the bridges to show where the path used to go.

That meant that my walk instead of being around the lake was instead a series of walks up to it, so that I could take pictures like this, and then turning around to go back to the road to look for another path to take me up to a different part of the lake.

This disjointed walk was still very much worth it though because it gave me views like this.

More water also meant more reflections, and I like reflections.

The final picture shows another sunken bridge, this one was meant to cross the middle of the lake, and also a very lonely looking lifebuoy. Its one contribution is to add a splash of colour to a scene that is otherwise dominated by dull greys and browns.

Green Park is still far from my favourite work location but I have tried to be fair to it and show off some of its good points. It can be pretty.

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  1. Some great pictures. Who doesn't love a good reflection?


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