10 January 2014

I have a ShiteShirt

How could I have forgotten to write about this superb shirt?

I did a tweetpic of it at the time and I assumed that I had done a blog post too but it was only when writing about my Christmas 2013 shirt from 1 Like No Other that I realised that this one was still a secret.

This was clearly an oversight as it is my duty to write about my most flowery and most outrageous shirts, and they do not come much more flowery or outrageous as this one.

It's a ShiteShirt and they are unique. Each one is made from lots of different pieces of colourful fabric that come together to make something deliberately eye-catching.

I found out about them on New Year's Eve 2012/13 when I saw somebody wearing one in the Wych Elm, asked him where he got it and immediately added it to my birthday list and less than a month later I had one myself.

It has had a few outings since then and has always attracted admiring comments, at least I like to think of them as admiring.

The only other one that I have seen in the wild since I got mine was, sadly, on Eastenders which I only caught because I was making sure that I did not miss the start of Sherlock which followed it. This rarity helps to add to the shirt's shock value and I'll continue to wear mine with mischievous delight.

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