15 January 2014

Open Mic night at the Grey Horse

Back in 2010 I got in to the habit of going to folky open mic sessions on Tuesdays at the Grey Horse in Kingston but these stopped.

Now there are slightly rockier/popier sessions on Wednesday nights. I learnt about these a while a go but diary conflicts (mostly working away from home) meant that this was my first chance to go. I was impressed.

The format is much the same. People just turn up with their instruments and somebody organises the slots and keeps everybody on plan. The music is as varied as the musicians but on the night that I was there there was little that I would call popular. There was, for example, a nice rambling Dylan song (all his best are long and rambling) and quite a lot of self composed music.

Making the evening work as much as the music was the people. There was quite a buzz in the bar and there were a few people that I knew there too, notably a couple of musicians from Hoaxwind.

It proved to be a rather jolly way of passing a couple of mid-week hours and I'm sure that I'll be back for more. Diary permitting.

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