14 August 2013

BCSA "Get to Know You" Social (August 2013)

Careful planing on my part meant that I could make the BCSA "Get to Know You" Socials in both July and August.

As always there was combination of the familiar, bordering on tradition, and the new.

The familiar elements included starting the evening on the draught Pilsner Urquell and finishing it with a bottle of Zlaty Bazant, eating Smazeny Syr somewhere in the middle, and friends like Richard, Ruzena and Jana.

The new elements were the new people, there are always new people there, and the new conversations. It's the conversations that these evenings are all about and they flowed effortlessly for four hours until bar's closing time, 10:30pm, brought proceedings to a close.

Next month I'll probably be working in Cardiff again but I'll be working on a scheme to be back in West Hampstead on the second Wednesday.

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