12 March 2012

Willoughby Pub Quiz (March 2012)

I found myself volunteering to do the Willoughby Pub Quiz again as I did not have a decent excuse not to and I quite like doing them anyway, despite the disproportionate effort I put in to doing the questions.

The research is part of the fun and each round is unique to me. Thinking of the rounds is hard enough in itself especially when you try to get a balance of subjects. I usually do something that involves world politics (part of the aim here is to educate) and something on London or Kingston. After that it's anything that takes my fancy.

This time we had rounds on things I learnt recently from podcasts, London music venues, musical marches (it was the month of March), long serving world leaders, UK political scandals and characters from UK police/crime drama series.

It is traditional, but not compulsory, to follow the standard six rounds of ten questions with a picture round. For reasons that escape me, I've got in to the habit of doing two!

Stamps are a wonderful source of themed pictures because we have so many commemorative sets issued in the UK each year. I've used stamps many times now and that is one barrel that I may have scrapped dry.

I could use the old PG Tips picture cards but the one time that I used them before, British Butterflies, got memorably low scores and is still spoken of in unflattering terms.

For the last few quizzes I have done cartoon animals. Having done cats and dogs it was time for the mice.

Except there are not as many cartoon mice as I thought and I had to include rats and even then I had to include three Beatrix Potter characters.

I think that it worked though.

In case you are interested, here are the questions:

1. Odds and Sods (stuff I head on my iPod this week) - multiple choice:
1) Which Archer had a heart attack this week? Brian, David, Tony
2) Which TV show did Davy Jones NOT appear in? Corrie, Dr Finlay, Z-Cars
3) In September, which region won Red Bordeaux Varietal Over £10 International
Trophy? California, Chile, China
4) When was the writing first on the wall? Belshazzar's Feast, Feast of King Solomon, Last Supper,
5) New railway line from South Sudan to the sea in which county? Kenya, Somalia, Sudan
6) When was the mass trespass of Kinder Scout? 1922, 1932, 1942
7) The co-founders of PayPal are knows as what? PayPal Four, PayPal Kids, PayPal Mafia
8) What is the colloquial name for a Basking Shark in Ireland? Silver Fish, Summer
Fish, Sun Fish
9) Schmallenberg virus attacks which animal: Chicken, Pigs, Sheep
10) Which iof the three previous Chelsea managers was not sacked? Luiz Felipe Scolari, Guus Hiddink, Carlo Ancelotti

2. London Music Venues
1) Home of the English National Opera
2) Live album by Motörhead. In1981 celebrated which venue
3) Home of The Proms
4) Used to be called the Millennium Dome
5) Floral Hall a thrilling public arena, with bars and eating spaces in spectacular surroundings
6) Legendary rock venuw was at 90 Wardour street
7) Built in 1901 by the German piano firm Bechstein next to its showrooms on Wigmore Street
8) Rock venue near TCR demolished because of Crossrail
9) Largest of the 3 SBC concert halls
10) Located at 100 Oxford Street

3. Musical Marches
1) Wedding March
2) The Ides of March (1981)
3) Marche funèbre for piano
4) March, march march across Red Square
5) Known as "The March King" or the "American March King"
6) March of the Pigs (EP) 1984
7) Radetzky March, Op. 228
8) Prospekt's March
9) "Pomp and Circumstance Marches"
10) March Of The Meanies

4. Current ongest serving leaders
1. Ruler of Cameroon since June 1975
2. Sahrawi Republic August 1976
3. Equatorial Guinea August 1979
4. Angola September 1979
5. Zimbabwe April 1980
6. Iran October 1981
7. Cambodia January 1985
8. Uganda January 1986
9. Burkina Faso October 1987
10. Kazakhstan June 1989
Alphabetical Answers: Angola, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Kazakhstan, Sahrawi Republic, Uganda, Zimbabwe

5. UK political scandals
1) Horsegate's horse's name, who was it given to and who eventually admitted that he rode it:
2) British politician faked suicide in 1974
3) In October 2011 who "mistakenly allowed the distinction between [his] personal interest and [his] government activities to become blurred".
4) Faces prosecution over claims his ex-wife took his speeding points on
her licence in 2003
5) Affair with secretary Sara Keays resulting in a child (1983)
6) Resigned from the Coalition Cabinet after revelations that he claimed £40,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay rent to his boyfriend.
7) Resigned as Welsh Secretary after "a moment of madness".on Clapham Common
8) Sacked for his involvement in a Nazi-themed stag party in France.
9) Claimed expenses for a duck house.
10) Secretary of State for War, had an affair with Christine Keeler.

6. UK TV cops and robbers, which show?
1) PC/DC/DS/DI Andy Crawford
2) Frank Haskins is superior officer
3) DS Don Beech and Sergeant Matt Boyden
4) DCIs John Barnaby and Tom Barnaby
5) Gerry Standing, Brian Lane, Jack Halford
6) DI Joseph Chandler, DS Ray Miles
7) Inspector Jean Darblay, Inspector Kate Longton
8) Chief Inspector Barney Crozier, Charlie Hungerford,
9) Ray Carling and Chris Skelton
10) DS Tommy Murphy

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