1 March 2012

Echoes Part II

I would normally go to see Echoes play at the Fox and Duck without a moment's hesitation and the only problem this time was that I managed to double-book myself with a theatre date on the same evening. My bad.

Luckily I was able to recover the situation a little. The theatre ended around 10pm and my winged chariot (a.k.a. a number 65 bus) was there to whisk me a couple of miles north to Petersham. I arrived at the Fox and Duck during the interval, which meant that I was just in time for Echoes Part II.

The pub was pleasingly packed. Heaving in fact. I eventually managed to get served and fought my way towards the front where my mate Pete was already stationed. I was a bit worried that we might have been in the mosh pit zone but what dancing there was ended with the group of women just in front of me. From then on back it was a bit of gentle swaying and arm waving only.

Echoes did just what I expected and wanted. They played a fair amount of very old stuff, including Echoes, as well as a lot of merely old stuff, such as large chunks of Dark Side.

Part II ended around midnight in the usual manner with Comfortably Numb and Money after a thoroughly uplifting and joyous hour and a half or so. That's why I keep going to see them.

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